Mrs. Gadget

Some of you may still remeber that friendly clumsy character from our childhood called Inspector Gadget, with all his "Gadgets" here and there installed in every part of his body. Well to a certain extent lately I have been feeling a bit like him but in a minor level. I live surrounded by hundreds of different electronic apparats the I have to carry with me when I travel and which make really hard to pack, because, how do you choose which one of your gadgets may be of more use on your next trip...they all may be useful at one point or another! But what can never be amiss in my key chain is this little glorious microSD card to USB converter keychain that has seen me out of many a mess in the past years. And now my loyal friend has also been of use to other people on my Mrs. Gadget or not, I'm glad sometimes I can't unpack certain things :)

What is that one thing that most people would consider useless on a trip but you can't live without??

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