The Final Countdown

A week ago started the beginning of the end of an era. I know it sounds melodramatic, but it feels like that. Packing for my trip back to Uni for that moment we have all been waiting for so long, Graduation. The most exciting, and scary day of any student. It means the end of a long process (although may just be temporary tho) but the end nonetheless. A lot of goodbyes will be said and tears shed as our new life as graduates will start.

But I have to admit that my pre-graduation week has been a bit of a bumpy road to say the least. The fist day, I was planning on walking to the airport so I woke up a bit earlier only to find out it was pouring. This meant that I would have to catch a tram instead, leaving me with 40 minutes to kill and nothing to do. Once at the airport, we had to wait standing for over an hour until the plane arrived, we were to leave in 10 minutes and the plane wasn't even there! Although, I have to admit that once in the plane, the sight was actually quite pretty.

But yeah, the flight was pretty much 1hr and 20 minutes of non stop turbulences, not fun! After that, everything went smoothly the rest of the way. And as it turns out, it's quite nice weather over here!And everything is so green! I hope it stays this way so I can enjoy some quite reading time in the park.

Rather funny and slightly disturbing bumper sticker I ran into...
Only here you'd find a bar called "Rehab"
Spontaneous Music Performance
Once at Uni, I sorted some things I had to deal with and met up with one of my closest friends for tea. We catch up and talked about our plans from now on. It's gonna be strange not to have this guy around, he's one of the most creative and inspirational people I've met in a long time. Can't wait until our paths cross again! And now, time to go celebrate la Noche de San Juan southamerican style. Hope everyone has a big bonfire close by to go enjoy the longest night of the year :)
And to top it off, the British Cycling Championships are in last few days in this city couldn't get any more interesting!

While I wasn't outside enjoying the last few days in this city, I was in the kitchen trying different recipes (Salad Wrap and a Very Simple Sponge Cake), as well as celebrating birthdays and reunions of course!

The Scots have to be some of the most positive people I've ever met! Considering the weather they usually have...
Got a fancy massage, facial, and manicure at Julie Ross Salon to be all relaxed and ready for the big day, and headed for one last tour of the city of Glasgow which would (of course) also take me to this beauty!

University of Glasgow Main Building
After a few days, the family came up, I graduated, we all attended several receptions, and we had a very lovely dinner at Zizzi's. They had a very affordable Graduation deal which included appetisers, main dish, desert, and a glass of Prosecco, and our waiter who was incredibly nice and funny (which made our evening much more enjoyable) gave us some Limoncello liquour after desert.

I was wearing:
Dress - Forever 21
Bracelet and Earrings - Graduation gift

The day after graduation we decided to take a day off to explore the west coast of Scotland, so we took a train to Ayr and spent the day wandering about. It also happened to be the Armed Forces Day so we hang around some cool helicopters and and boats, etc. It was freezing cold and super windy (as it is normal in the area) but we still braved the elements out to the beach!

We almost froze to death but we walked the mile!
And after packing, we headed down to the airport thus saying goodbye (for now) to what has been my home for the past 4ish years...definitely a good way to part ways!

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