Breminale's Interhyp-Bühne in Retrospective

Welcome to Breminale
Many of you may be wondering what Breminale is, and why posting about it in my blog. Well, that's understandable, I didn't know either until a few weeks back. Breminale is a five day festival that takes place every July in the heart of Bremen.  It doesn't only include music and theater, but also organic food stalls, healthy living talks, music PR workshops and all sorts of artsy things one could possibly imagine. All of it for virtually nothing, only what you decide to spend on food and drinks at the numerous bars and food stalls catering for all tastes and providing delicacies from all over the world (even Spanish churros! which made me really really happy).

Sculpture made of bike wheels

Follow the rainbow path into the heart of the festival!

So, as I was saying, I only  found out about it a few days before it started. I saw a poster on my way to the market, then I saw some colorful, circus-like tents popping up like mushrooms by the Weser river. Curiosity was stronger than my self-control, I had to explore it.
Armed with a schedule of the events and my camera, I decided to spend a day listening to German music at one of the eight installed tents. My choice was Interhyp-Bühne im Bremen Eins Zelt. It also happened to be the Indie-rock tent! YAY! I was in for an evening of good music!

The first band on stage, at 19:00, was The Rival Bid (Facebook|Web). All the way from Dortmund (Germany), this talented group of guys, who define themselves as Post-Britpop/New Waves, reminded us of some of the greatest, The Cure, Joy Division and Travis among others.
They put on a very entertaining show, engaging the audience and making even the youngest dance.

About an hour later, the acoustic duo from Essen/Wuppertal Picknick on the Hill (Facebook|Web) made appearance. These boys aren't just really nice and good looking, but they also know how to chill on stage with their sunshine/surf pop tunes, combining their over all mellow harmonies with some killer guitar riffs. They are currently unsigned, but it'll be worth to keep an eye on them.


And lastly (for me) came, Ian Late & Band (Facebook|Web) from the capital, Berlin. They brought the Indie Folk note of the day, with their incredibly contagious feel-good tunes and Ian's harmonica, making it the perfect closing act for my night. Once again, the audience couldn't help but jump to their feet and start dancing to "CBTE" or "Summer Days". Definitely another one not to be missed!

After the gigs, it is common courtesy, here in Germany, for the band to stick around to talk to people. Basically, they just make themselves available in case anyone has any question. Which I found really nice and took advantage of to chat with each one of the bands about what was their opinion on the Breminale festival.

The Rival Bid
Picknick on the Hill

Ian Late
They all agreed that it is a wonderful idea, and a great way to spend a summer evening. Not just because the weather was on our side this time (last year apparently it rained all day) but because the people and the atmosphere were just perfect!

Anyhow, I know I got a bit carried away and it's a long post, but it's mostly images right? ;) I hope it caught your eye and if next year you find yourself in Bremen, you'll make a quick (or not so quick) stop to enjoy this wonderful event!

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