This new trend coming from Asia is taking over all households in the world, whether it is you are learning how to make them or you have bought one (or many) this cute little cocheted pieces of adorableness are here to steal a smile of everyone around!
A friend of mine created her own brand of knitwear and Amigurumi production to make and sell on request this adorable tiny figures (and scarves). And now also my mum has started, isn’t she just super talented? (sorry about the image quality, I'm working on the photos she's been sending me from home)

Almost makes me hungry, Mum's first ever :)
"How do you like your eggs Sir, boiled or sunny-side up?"
All the way from the desert!
A friendly companion for those rainy days
Evil charm you said?
Asian doll
That owly fashion will never go out of style
Perfect for those summer days!
She’s too humble to realise how awesome this little ones are, but with your help I may manage to get her to start selling them^^

Let me know what you think!!

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