Homemade Turkey Bugers

The sun is out, and you all know what that means, it's BBQ season!! So, if you have that wonderful event and you have a bit of time to spare you could dazzle your friends with some delicious homemade turkey burgers! It doesn't take very long and the ingredients are fairly cheap and can be found in any supermarket.

You will need (for 4 medium sized burgers):
And for the sides, you can use tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onions, lettuce, sliced cheese...basically anything you feel like. Also you can do it with any sort of bun (or without bun). And to top it all you can use any sauce you want because these beauties go well with them all. I personally went with a Honey BBQ sauce, and it was marvelous!

To prepare the burgers all you have to do is mix the meat, the salt, the ground pepper, the chopped onion and the olive oil in a mixer until completely combined. Once that is done, make as many (and as big) balls with the mix as burgers you want. Then, flatten and fry or grill until cooked completely.
All that is left is serve and enjoy! :)

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