Minigolf in the Dark

I have to admit I have only been minigolfing twice, and I am absolutely terrible at it. So much so that both times I lost by quite a bit. And that was in broad daylight, so imagine if you take away the visibility by making it Schwarzlicht Minigolf!

As I couldn't really get a good image, I borrowed one from their website (link on top)

Last weekend during our Sunday (or was it Saturday? I can't remember) picnic with some friends, someone suggested going to play minigolf. But not the normal one with dragons and castles and  other adorable fairytale creatures, but rave style with black and neon lights. In normal circumstances I'm not sure I'd have been thrilled, but after hearing how it all works, I had to try it!!

We got there, they explained the rules and we headed into the darkness...there were all sorts of courses, from pool style to traditional old school minigolf to some really funky ones with hammers and "elevators". To my surprise it was a lot easier than I expected and I only ended up second of 5! Not too bad for a complete minigolf wreck I'd say!

Definitely worth a try!!

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