Nanu-Nana Home Decor

"The day started with a walk like any other day, dreaming and dreaming about patterns and prints. Beautiful lakes and melodic birds singing around, inspiring her to do something else. Let's decorate! she said with endless amounts of excitement..."

And that's how I ended up exploring this amazingly diverse home decor store called Nanu-Nana in the heart of Bremen (Sögerstraße).

As you walk in the store, you find a whole set of adorable hedgehog themed garden decorations,

And owl themed picture frames, little boxes and even paper napkins!

Among many other more familiar picture frames of course!

But I have to say, the garden decorations are on my top to get, once I have a garden of course!

And who could resist having an wonderfully organized closet with some of these baskets?

And for the birthday people, what about one of these gift-shaped pasta bags, with one of these funky labelled beers, in one of these awesome boxes??

Or this awesome customized trophies, "Best Lover in the World". Any guy would love to get that, wouldn't they??

And, let's not forget, piggybanks galore! ^^ Lipstick shape for the divas, and more traditional ones as well, there are for all tastes.

For the hungry hungry people, what about this cupcake bakery jars?

Uh oh, fondue for two?

Or, full on brunch table?

Whatever it is your heart desires, I'm quite sure they'll have it. Even I found something for my wish list. Isn't she a beauty?


As you can see, it has all one could ever possibly need, from candles to picture frames and kitchenware, to candy shot mix, unexpected gifts and erotic sweets. This decor heaven reminded me of the likes of Danish stores like Tiger and Søstrene Grenes, where you can find all those little things that you never knew you needed but now you can't leave without! It's almost like a dreamland come true.

What they all have in common, is the diversity of products, in addition to the colorful and playfulness of their designs, creating a statement relaxed environment in any room you complement with them.

Whether it is a set of wine glasses or a garden lamp for your front porch, be sure to find it in Nanu-Nana . And if after an exhausting day of decorative fun, you feel like a relaxing scoop of scrunchilicious Ice cream or a nice cup of tea with pastries, you are in luck, because it is located right across from Konditorei Knigge which has some amazing products at rather affordable prices, given the location. :) 

And along Sögerstraße, you'll always find some street artists and musicians that will keep you entertained, so it'll be an all round well spent day! :)

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