Sangria, Tapas & Board Games

For a while now, my friend Isa and I have been talking about making some Sangria, but never really got around to do it. Until now. To celebrate the re-opening of their freshly refurnished and reorganized apartment, no better way!
A few friends, some tapas and deliciously refreshing sangria combined with good music and board games, made of it the perfect soirée.

Sorry about the image quality, had some tech difficulties :(

So, here it is the long awaited secret to the perfect Spanish Sangria revealed to you.
To prepare 3 Liters all you'll need will be:
And to have it ready to serve is as simple as:
Cut the oranges, apples and bananas into medium to small pieces and put in a large bowl. Pour the lemon soda and add the cinnamon stick. Leave in the fridge cooling down for 20 to 30 minutes.
Pour the wine and add the sugar in while stirring making sure the sugar dissolves well.  Place the bowl back in the fridge until cool. Then serve and enjoy!

Note: If you are in a frisky mood, you can spike it up a little bit by adding a glass, or two, of rum depending on how strong you want it.


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