Short Film Review of the Week: The Wolverine

While I was in Groningen (blog post coming soon) visiting my friend, we went to see the new Wolverine film. We all had high expectations when we entered the cinema, only to leave it 2 hours and 6 minutes later slightly disappointed. 

To start with, it was only shown 3D, which was completely unnecessary as it didn't add anything to the storyline or the viewers' experience whatsoever. 
Then, the plot was fairly flat and extremely predictable, so much so that made the film as a whole quite boring. I won't get into details as many of you may not have seen it yet, although you wouldn't be missing much if you skipped this one.
Only good thing about this movie is the fact that they  wisely used it to make a big announcement at the end, which many people in our cinema missed due to the fact that as soon as the credits appeared, they stormed out.

Keep an eye out for the next one coming!!

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