Egg-fried Rice European Style

After a long day filled with nice people, work, German class (it was my first day today!) and a job interview, I needed something warm and filling to recover, It's dinner time again! 
So far it seems that lately all I do is cook...nom nom, today's choice: Egg-fried Rice "European style", which just means, my own personal take into this deliciously tasty traditional Asian recipe, with European ingredients and spirit!

For two portions you'll need:

Boil the rice and the potatoes. Once they are done, let them cool down.

In the meantime, put the vegetable oil and a spoonful of sesame oil in a wok or deep pan until it is very hot. While the oil warms up cut the potatoes and the courgette into small cubes, and chop the ham.

Once the temperature of the oil is high enough, put the ham, potatoes and courgettes in, and stir fry until golden. Then add the rice and stir fry for about 3 to 5 minutes. Make space on the side of the pan and pour the eggs and stir them for a couple minutes on their own. After, mix it all up, and continue stirring for another 4 - 5 minutes.
Once this is all done you can add some soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce. Let it cool down a little bit and then enjoy with a glass of chilled mango (or whatever flavour you like best!) juice!

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