Heide Park: Fun all Around

The whole summer I had been bugging everyone about going to Heide Park without much success.Whether it was work, or weather, or simply that people didn't feel like going I ended up not going either, because what is the fun of going to an amusement park on your own? But a couple weeks ago I finally got through two of my friends who seemed equally excited about a trip to the biggest amusement park in Northern Germany, and home of the Guinness World Records certified steepest (61ยบ) wooden rollercoaster in the WORLD! I have to admit I wasn't very thrilled about the rollorcoaster part of the park, I'm more of a everything but rollercoasters kinda gal. But hey it's a new life so why not.

So we planned it all, got out 2x1 coupons printed, the car sorted, the food packed and started our trip to Soltau. We had it planned so it'd be bad weather expecting no one to go...backfired, it was so busy we had to wait about 2 hours for the most popular attractions. Despite it all we had a wonderful time.
This park is a rollercoasters' fan dream come true, with over 6 different ones making everyone scream, from small kiddy ones to the "Collossos", and a few more under development. Besides that, the park is divides in four areas, each of which is decorated within a theme:
"Colossos" in all its glory!

more rollercoasters

and a free-fall
and even more rollercoasters!

After the "Colossos" I had to sit this one out, but my friends braved it and went up...and then down! in the meantime I went to explore Pirate Land.
Pirate Land :)

 And while I was waiting for my friends to come back I went to see the Pirates have some fun!

Possibly the German version of a boyband?? ;)

 By the end of our day there, the sun came out so we got to enjoy the last hour walking around enjoying the view.

Anyhow, whether you like the twisted teacups or are an adrenaline seeker, you'll find your place in this incredible theme park.
Now that this one is off my list, I guess I'll have to start working on getting my friends to take me to Legoland, or do you have any suggestions for my next holiday?

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