Cocktail of the Month: Glühwein

As promised on my previous post about the Bremer Freimarkt, here it is a post alone on the (in)famous German Glühwein. I know it is not technically a cocktail but I think it is a good choice for this months drink. Compared to its cousin the Feuerzangenbowle (which i'll write about some other time), this one is fairly simple and versatile, as you can modify it to your taste, sweeter, more spiced, more's all on you my dear. Doesn't it remind you of a warm wintery version of the Spanish sangria? I'm a happy lady :)

Better/more pics will come soon!

So for about 2 to 3 servings you'll need:

The preparation process is as follows:

Heat the red wine in a pot without letting it boil. Cut the lemon into slices and add to the wine. Slice the orange and pace the cloves on it, then add to the wine. Following, add the cinnamon, sugar and a little cardamom/ginger (to taste). Heat everything for about 5 minutes, remember not to let it boil, and let stand for about an hour. 

Before serving,  heat it again and take the spices and fruits out. Warm up some glasses or preferably mugs and serve.

What is your favourite fall/winter drink??

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