Cocktail of the Month: Lychee Martinis

A couple days ago I went to the market to get some ingredients for the next blog when I ran into these bad boys.

As you can imagine, I couldn't possibly resist to pass on such a great opportunity to share with you all this lycheelicious cocktail of the month recipe: Lychee Martinis.
Perfectly sweet and refreshing, with the right spark and exoticism to fast forward you and your party to a wonderful summer vacation in a tropical beach. So, get back into those  bikinis and trunks, and prepare yourself for this delicious experience. 

For 2 servings you'll need:
All you have to do is mix the ice, the lychee liqueur, the vodka, a splash of lime juice and 2 tbs of lychee juice (from the can or syrup) in a shaker. Shake it! Shake it! like there's no tomorrow, then pour the mix into cooled martini glasses and decorate with a couple peeled and pitted lychees. To top it off add a splash of Champagne and you're all ready to go!

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