Live it up in Madrid like a local

I can't believe it's been already twelve days since the new year begun. Fourteen since I left (cold) Spain and got back to real life. Thinking about this gave me an idea. Since I've been feeling a bit homesick, why don't I tell you a bit more about this wonderful country and about its gracious capital city, Madrid. That way you get a few insiders' tips and I get to feel a bit closer to home. Do we have a deal?
So the plan is, once a month I'll be presenting a new place. From my favourite spots, to some of the must-see locations in this amazing and multicultural place in the middle of Spain, seasoned with tips, bits and bobs about Spanish culture, so you can live it up like a local on your next visit.

To start, I'd like to ask you if any of you remember that saying: "The rain in Spain, falls mainly in the plain"? Well, to many people's surprise, that is actually true. Sorry if i'm breaking some sort of childhood fantasy of yours but I have to admit, Spain isn't always sunny. Its 505,992 km(195,364 sq miles) make Spain the 52nd largest country in the world, so wouldn't it make sense it has a complete array of climates? Which also means, it can cater for all tastes, from beautiful mountains to warm beaches, ski resorts and surf spots, picturesque country towns and gigantic cosmopolitan cities, museums, galleries, festivals, cafes, restaurants, and anything else your mind could ever possibly imagine. Then there is the food, who's not heard about Spanish cuisine before? or wines? Fresh fish dishes in the north and south, paella in Valencia, Spanish omelette, or the so worldly known Tapas! washed down with a glass of Rioja. Doesn't it all sound completely dreamy? 

Kids, first tip, visit Madrid during spring or fall, you'll have nice mild temperatures and the city practically to yourself without missing on any of the  fun. Why's that you may be wondering. The answer is rather simple, first of all, Summer may be the most appealing season to travel to warm places like Spain, Greece or Italy, so most tourist will be around then, causing huge lines everywhere you go. So visiting off season will leave you with more time to explore thanks to the time you'll save on waiting in lines.
Secondly, Spain, summer, sun...sounds rather tempting, right? well you have to remember that Madrid has no seaside so temperatures in summer can be quite daunting, reaching up to 45ÂșC, leaving you drained and energy-less. Not ideal when you want to be out enjoying your vacation, huh?
And lastly, flight and hotel prices can get quite exorbitant as summer time approaches, whereas spring and fall tend to allow for more reasonable deals, which will allow you to spend that extra money saved on food and exploring! Isn't that just ideal? I think so too.

So now that you know that, you can start your next escapade! :) Can't wait to show you around! 
If you have any specific question, any suggestion, want me to talk about anything in particular on the next post, don't hesitate to comment here, contact me on, o via twitter! 

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