I know, I know, I've been a terrible, horrible little blogger of late. Somehow life seems to always get on the way. With exciting but also maybe a bit stressful new things. New class began last week which meant my 2 weeks off were over, adding also a radical change of schedule. 
Anyhow, I managed to squeeze in a wee little shopping trip in my busy busy schedule, before heading into town to meet some friends at Daheim to give a  try at some typical German food.
I had been searching for new shoes for a while, but me being as picky as I am when it comes to ladies' second best friend (everyone keeps on saying diamonds are but i'm not quite convinced, shoes keep your feet warm and dry while completing your outfit, that's hard to top!) wasn't very hopeful. Fortunate me, this time around I found these beauties, and they were not only discounted, but also they had my size!

So, as it couldn't be any other way, I took them out on a test run to Daheim where we ordered our "Radlers" (or as they call them in the north "Alsterwasser"), our respective delicacies, and prepared ourselves for an evening of chatter, laughter and happy bellys. 
After a little while, the friendly waiters came calling the names of various dishes, in German of course, to the confusion of many, and amusement of all. 
When ours were called out, we could barely wait, shared and commented how wonderfully big the portions were. Some of us couldn't even finish the whole thing! 
I ordered my beloved "Käsespetzle" which are sort of a juicy home made kind of pasta typical from the southern parts of Germany, eaten with caramelised onions and loads of cheese!

And the others went for something more from the region, ordering two different Flammkuchens (you can find here the post I made with the Flammkuchen recipe a few weeks back), a traditional one with onion and ham.

And one with Rocket and Parma ham. This one looked absolutely fantastic and the smell was mouthwatering. So with full bellies and some great memories, we headed out to explore the city and find out where the night would take us. After much waiting for the tram, we were finally Innenstadt and ready to roll!

So, if you find yourself around here and fancy something nice to eat with a comfortable atmosphere, don't hesitate to stop by for a well deserved food pause. The portions are huge, the food is deliciously filling without being ridiculously heavy, and the menu is definitely very varied. You can get not only the Flammkuchen typical from the region, but also the famous Wienerschnitzel, or the Nünrberger Würste, as well as many many variants of potato dishes and of course desserts! All of this at very very affordable prices and impeccably nice service.

You can find them in Vor dem Steintor 24-26, 28203 Bremen
To check the menus click here and to book a table here.

What is your favourite place to eat in Bremen?? 

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