Happy Finnish Friends' Day

Until a few hours ago I had totally forgotten what day today was. Valentine's Day! How could I even forget, it's everywhere! But there's a reason, I've never celebrated it. It was never a big deal while I was growing up in Spain. At the time, maybe, we would make cute notes to our classmates in English class, same as St. Patrick's Day or Halloween. For us, every day was a day to celebrate the love and care we felt for the people around us. It was never a Spanish celebration, but with the years and globalization, we've all started to celebrate them also. I'm not saying it is a bad thing to do, on the contrary, I love loving people and the more the better. I just don't give it as much importance as most other people may, and that doesn't make me any weirder, just culturally different i suppose. Anyhow, during my Uni years I got to meet lovely people from many many countries, and with so different cultural and economic backgrounds, it was fabulous. But today I have a special shout out to those Finns and also Scandinavians I met along the way. These people celebrate today also "Friends' day"!

So whether you are having a romantic Valentine's evening with your love, or spending the night out partying with friends, or in watching a movie, or even if you are not celebrating anything at all, just having a quiet time in...I want to wish you all a wonderful, lovefull time!

Love yous all,

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