Basketball: Eisbären vs. Alba Berlin

Lately we have been doing a lot of new things with the guys, and this time we got offered tickets to go see one of the most awaited games of the local basketball team the Eisbären Bremerhaven (not confuse them with the Eisbären, ice hockey team from Berlin). Of course we jump at the opportunity and here we are, waiting for the game against Berlin to start. There has been more than 9000 tickets sold so it sounds like it will be a heated game. The supporters are all wearing their distinctive white and grey tops, dark blue scarfs and other sports paraphernalia, I can only imagine how does it have to feel to be at an NBA game but if it's anything like this, I may have to give it a go next time I'm on the other side of the pond!

Basketball game Eisbären Bremerhaven vs. Alba Berlin

We enter the arena and search for our seats, then we set on exploring the area in search for something to snack on while we wait for the game to begin. It's filling up quickly, from what they've been saying all week, there's been more than 9000 tickets sold (on a 14000 capacity arena) so it should be animated.

Set with our snacks we return to our area to see the warm up session, take photos and just general fun having activities.

The game begins, cheery people all around, chanting and enjoying themselves. It's a party over here! There's music, dim lights, smoke...the commentator presents the players one by one as the come into the court. It's a show worthy of the NBA! Cheerleaders all around waving their pom-poms.

As soon as the bell rings the game starts and they shoot a 3 pointer. They are winning for most of the first 2 periods, but by mid-time they are tied at 52 points. A famous band from Bremen sings during the pause while the mascots and cheerleaders dance to their tunes, keeping the spirits high despite the stressful turn of events.

After the break, the game gets more and more interesting, so tight we can't breath. The full house is holding their breath as the game draws to an end and they are still hand to hand. The feeling..., it's contagious. We are as into the game as the die-hard supporters. Cheering when they shoot in, sighing with despair when they shoot out. Such a close game, it came down to the very last second when they missed the oh-so-needed-for-the-win three-pointer. Down by 2 points, and a free shot to Alba Berlin. The game is over and we are sad and frustrated. 
Quite the experience I'd say. It had been years since the last time I went to a game, back when my brother still played. Now I think I'm hooked. When is the next game??

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