Conquering Blockland

In Germany everything is closed on Sundays so we always have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to deciding what to do. It was quite nice weather for a change, so this time we instantly agreed, let's go out with the bike enjoy the sun! Doesn't it sound lovely? I can confidently say that by now I've been quickly and effortlessly converted to bike riding not only as means of transportation, but also as healthy past-time. Although after only a week I must admit, more practice is in need!

So, seeing that I'm still quite new to this of bike riding around here, I let him lead the way. We ended up heading up to Blockland, a beautiful plane area with channels, sheep, horses and lovely houses with little home-made marmalade and jam stalls at their doors, all decorated with bright colored flowers and very creative signs. So picturesque I felt the urge of stopping at every turn and corner to take in the peace and astonishing wonderfulness I was just discovering. And to think it was all this time so close by and I didn't know about it...shame on me! Blockland even has its own website, where you can find all about the area (Only in German). Like for example that it is officially a district (the largest) of Bremen, tho it sure doesn't look like it.

It takes about 30 minutes with the bike to get to Blockland. The road around it is about 15 Km. but there are lovely beer gardens along the way so you can make a quick re-fuel stop or a longer one to simply enjoy the nice weather. If you find yourself in the area, it sure is a must-do! Oh and don't forget the picnic basket!

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