Fashion Photoshoot

For a few years now I've been doing some photography works here and there. Live music events, MUN simulations, whatever was thrown my way. Eager to learn and experience new things. From time to time with my very lovely friend A. i would spontaneously do a fashion photoshoot, despite that I never quite really jumped into that aspect of photography even tho it intrigues me the most, until now. Soon spring and summer will come around and my internship will be over so for then I'm hoping to get a go at some more fashion and portrait photography. For that reason, I am looking for people interested on giving it a go so we can learn together. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun and I need some extra creativity in my life. So if you are interested on doing a photoshoot in the Bremen/Niedersachsen/Hamburg area drop me a line at and we can arrange something :) 

So looking forward to new projects! In the meantime, some of the results of my old ones ^^ 

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