Great company & New Rides

I hadn't had such a lovely full of awesomenes weekend in a while. Started with an spontaneous get together with a couple lovely ladies for a some very delicious cocktails at a place we had never been too. Happy hour anyone?? Good chat, laughter, and great company, exactly what we needed to start the weekend with the right foot.

This place in Hillmannplatz 20 called Rosso is definitely a good one to start a ladies' night out! Super atmosphere, dark with candles, and the latest hits playing to get the night started. Happy Hour daily from 19:00 to 24:00 at 4,50 € all cocktails in the menu. It is small so if you want to make sure you have a spot, make a reservation. Only downside, people can smoke inside, so at the end of the night you'll smell a bit like an ashtray, but a very happy ashtray indeed.

The weekend continued with some great food being fed to me and a fabulous new ride! 

After a tiny weeeny freak-out, I hadn't ridden a bike in over 10 years, let alone in a city full of cars, we set on giving it a go through the park and back to where we started. 
Seeing that I'm still typing, I guess we can assume it went well with only minor incidents, while stopped of course!

And as it couldn't be any other way, I got convinced to take another bike trip to this lovely old car exhibition by the harbour where they had all sorts of fabulous cars and motorbikes in various states of affairs and hundreds of hundreds tiny little model cars, trucks, buses, trains, and all you could possibly imagine. We walked around looking, fascinated at all the awesome automobiles on display, only shame we couldn't give them a go! But definitely worth the ride. Including the unexpected exploration trip we did afterwards to this lovely lighthouse at the end of Überseestadt.

Only after a couple days of using it, I'm already starting to feel the aftermath, but fear not...I shall survive :) and surely will be doing more of these ^^

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