Home is Where the Heart Is

Lately there's been a lot of talk about what home is in my life (YAY to basic language learning topics!) and it's made me stop and think about the way of life I've been choosing so far. Nomadic, moving around when a new place was more appealing or had something better to offer. Some people can do that their whole lives and still be happy, after all "home is where the heart is", some decide at some point it may be time to settle down somewhere. During those talks, something came up, a part that I thought was more relevant to this topic than most of what had been said before. It was the idea that, nomadic people are so because they are on a quest, looking for something, anything. And that made me think, do the people who lead wandering lives for as long as they are alive, do they ever find what they were looking for? Or do they continue their wanderings because when they have found what they were looking for, they decide to look for something else, on and on? I am not sure what it is but it definitely has it's ups and downs. Living roller-coaster of emotions and experiences. Why?
Well, nomadic life can and is quite exciting, and rewarding, and mysterious, and appealing. It opens up our mind to new cultures and experiences and a life one wouldn't experience from inside ones comfort zone. It's taking risks, it teaches you the ways of the world, you get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your limits and what you are truly capable of. To be independent and think, to be the hero in your own novel. The freedom can be so exhilarating! Exciting! But as the saying goes, all that glitters isn't gold, there are also  downsides. The security and safety of what we know, family and friends from our childhood, we leave those behind, they'll always be there but so far away. People say with today's technology it gets a bit easier, but it's definitely not the same. Hardships may come, questions may arise, situations that may require all your motivation, resourcefulness and resilience. It's a tough life, not made for everyone, but definitely worth a try at some point in life.
If you are as curious as I am, exploring the world can be the best and the worst thing, because once you have started...you'll want more. But for now, I think it's time to take a break.

What are your thoughts? What is home for you?

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