New Babe in Town: Zara

There's a new babe in Bremen-town. She's the best ambassador of Spain's style and charisma. Her name is Zara, it took her long enough, but she's here to stay!

There had been rumors going around for the best part of the past half year, "Zara is coming!" (cheeky Game of Thrones reference. I can't wait for the next book! and season). Excited ladies craving some of the beautiful designs at affordable prices that Zara provides.

Today, finally, it opened its doors. So as the good blogger I am, I couldn't resist to head down to take a peek. It has my "Spanish" stamp of approval! One can't deny it has the best of Spain's shopping atmosphere, as I walked in, it took me back to Madrid's very best and brightest, incredible!

So, in case you haven't had a chance to go there yourself, I'll give you a little tour. As you jump on board, you get swayed away by a sea of people searching,  trying,  finding,  through the classiest of outfits and complements. New summer season anyone? Mirrors and white walls everywhere. It may be a bit overwhelming at first but it's just opening day after all. Finally you swim away and find the escalator, where more mirrors await you.

Up one floor are the basics, and on top, the boys can find their hiding spot. Catering for all tastes Zara, once again, proves to be a pivotal chain in the fashion world, as it provides for us all, from casual to business, from home to kids, and right in the center of Bremen! And a few steps away from the best ice cream places...just saying ;) Now that the nice weather has decided to stick around a little bit...

I'd wait a few days to visit it but definitely a thumbs up! And the countdown to my trip to Berlin has already begun.  Do you guy have any tips and tricks on where to eat, etc? They'll be greatly appreciated :)

Tschüß ^^

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