#ThrowBackThursday: Berlin

At a few hours away from my long awaited trip to Berlin, I can't resist doing a #ThrowBackThursday post about my previous vacation in the wonderful capital of Germany. Travelling has always been one of the top three things to do in life, I'd be happy if in the future I'd end up having to travel as part of my job. This time wasn't going to be an exception. During my year abroad, my parents came up to visit me and since I had a few days off from Uni, we decided to travel down to Berlin during this time. Living abroad may have its perks after all ;)

We arrived on a very sunny October afternoon, checked in and set to explore! Berlin where style, culture, art and history meet to impress the visitor, leaving them wowed and wanting to go back. Here are some of my impressions from that time.

This time around I will be meeting with some good old friends and seeing my parents which is always a plus ^^
Let the vacation begin...but not until the fireworks have been cracked and the Osterwiese has been officially inaugurated! 


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