#ThrowBackThursday Travel Series

Since I was a kid my parents have taken me and my lil brother on trips all over the place. My childhood memories are full of packing and long car rides and singing and arriving and loving places and meeting fascinating people who've made me the person I am today. So it is no wonder I turned out to be such a little wanderer myself with the years. Since 2005 I've lived in 3 continents, and 7 different countries, and I've enjoyed every bit of it. Now I want to share some with you all, because I believe that travelling is one of the most enriching things a person can do. You grow in and out, learn your limits and of what you are truly capable of, your strengths and weaknesses and to work with what you have. But also to accept that we aren't all the same, and to appreciate the beauty on the difference. For that and for many other reasons I've decided to show you bits of what could be your own personal adventure, not always easy but always worth it. Because as the line says 
"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"
So, following last week's #ThrowBackThursday: Berlin post, I've decided to start for the next couple of months a new series of posts dedicated to bring back old memories and revive my adventures of the past few years, which lay around hidden in closets, boxes, albums and folders dying to get out and be told. Hope you enjoy, and they fuel your lust for wandering the world.

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