Banana and Apple Chips

Since our visit a few weeks back to Botanika's Flowers' Market, I wanted to make banana chips and a friend of mine gave me the idea of apple chips so I set to try both. I had to search through hundreds (maybe a few less but get the idea) of different recipes to come up with one I liked. But I finally made it, I leave you to it!

Apple chips & Banana chips inspired by pinterest and our visit to Botanika's Flowers' Market:

Pre-heat the oven at 275ÂșC. In the meantime, remove the apple cores,

thin-slice both the apples and bananas, and lay in an oven tray (with baking paper of course!).

Sprinkle the apple slices with cinnamon and brush the bananas with a bit of lemon juice.

Once ready, place in the oven and let bake at low heat (this is very important or they'll burn!) for about 2 hours or until dried and crispy.

Let them cool, pack in cute individual bags, and ready to cheer everyone up! I couldn't wait and ate most of them while writing this post...aww. Extra cookie points to this recipe for leaving a heavenly smell in my apartment!

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