#ThrowBackThursday: California Part III (Pacific Highway Roadtrip)

Where did we live it last week? oh yeah in San Diego, after my time in deep SoCal I drove back up to LA to meet again with my friend. Our plan, roadtrip north the Pacific Highway. So, as planned, we drove along the Pacific Highway with the windows rolled down, watching the Pacific waving by our side and music blasting in the car stereo. The sun wash shining up high in the sky and the seagulls flew elegantly everywhere around. We were on our way up the Californian coast to Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle with a pit stop in a lovely Danish town in the middle of the Golden State, Solvang, which knowing my slight danish-obsession was a must on our roadtrip. From our destination Santa Barbara, I'd catch a Greyhound bus to San Francisco!

Unfortunately for you guys, the roadtrip was so much fun that I completely forgot to take pictures, so will skip straight to the lovely danish town of Solvang! A hidden gem in the vastness of the Golden State.

They even have their own Little Mermaid, so if you can't afford travelling to Copenhagen, now you know! SOLVANG!

And look at that...I felt right at home...El Rincón de España!

& of course I couldn't really help it...
My suggestion, if you're on your way up to (or down from) Northern California, make a pit stop in Solvang. Get to taste some amazing danish food, and feel like you're in Europe without living California, and without getting off your way. Perfect for a lunch or dinner break from the road. Oh, and definitely try the candy, fantastic!

Our next stop, Hearst Castle wasn't as successful as we had hopped, we hadn't realised we had to book tickets in advanced (which you can do here), so we had to content ourselves with taking a peak from the side road...

After the disastrous consequences of our lack of planning, we headed finally up to Santa Barbara, where we enjoyed a nice walk around the University Campus, crashed a huge college house party and walked along a small beach nearby before calling it a day. Long bus drive the next morning to San Francisco!

Guys, if you want to check places like the Getty Villa in LA, the German Reichstag in Berlin or the Hearst Castle, make sure beforehand that you can just pop in. Otherwse, it may happen like it happened to us, long way up to miss it!


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