Breminale Day One: Music Tips

As I mentioned yesterday, this year's Breminale arts & music festival started today, and as last year's edition, it's not going to disappoint. So come on in, let's get this party started.

Breminale 2014

It started with a very strong program of national and international artists.

Finding it impossible to pick just one tent and sticking to it like last year, I planned on checking out at least two in each tent (time allowing of course).

The afternoon music roam was a totally amazing discovery adventure, all the shows were incredible and the bands super talented but I can't just tell you all about them, as this post would last forever so I've decided to narrow it down to my top 5 favourites.

Ready? There we go.

Let's start by #5: Dernière Minute

Dernière Minute at Breminale 2014

Dernière Minute at Breminale 2014

Dernière Minute at Breminale 2014

The French quartet Dernière Minute with their danceable rock tunes and their charisma had the audience engaged and singing along ("singing along") in no time. Thumbs up guys! The German public can be a bit tough at times!

#4: AElement

What  to say from AElement? WOW, I'm speechless. I'm quite picky when it comes to the music I like, even more so if it's a mix of punk-rock, drum and bass and alternative, but these local guys have hit the jackpot.

#3: Knoxville Morning

Knoxville Morning (Ireland) at the Breminale 2014

The guys from Knoxville Morning, all the way from Ireland, define their sound as "roots". They sing about feelings, dreams and experiences with a hint of folk sound. A very different style, refreshing in a sea of pop and rock that sounds all the same.

Oh and they have a new album out that can be found on iTunes or in record stores in Ireland and Germany.

#2: Open Water Collective

Open Water Collective at Breminale 2014

I was very curious to find out what exactly is Art-Pop. They described it as a day of vacation, Open Water Collective, the group from Hanover were quite right. These guys could easily become the soundtrack to the rest of my summer!

#1: Addicted

Addicted (Norway) at Breminale 2014

Addicted (Norway) at Breminale 2014

Addicted (Norway) at Breminale 2014

Addicted (Norway) at Breminale 2014

Addicted (Norway) at Breminale 2014

Addicted (Norway) at Breminale 2014

Addicted with their new-punk-rock melodies mixed with a very very amazing performance brought to us all the way from Norway left me wanting more. Let's hope they come back soon!

I know I said I was gonna keep it to my top 5 but these guys deserve a #Special Mention: The Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit, three local guys, like the Open Water Collective, know how to keep it chill on a hot summer evening. Definitely worth listening, and amazing live! Oh, and they played from a ship, how cool is that!

I'm so tired, but it was so much fun! and tomorrow more :)

What were your favourite bands of today's Breminale??

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