Oasis Collections: A New Way of Travelling

The love to travel runs in my veins.

My family has always loved exploring the world, or well, Europe, those were other times. For as far as I can remember, we’ve always travelled somewhere, whenever we had a chance.

Spain and abroad. Camping, motels, hotels, rural houses, but my favourite was always the less common way of accommodation, private vacation rentals. It is a different way of travelling, with the feel of a hotel but with the freedom and privacy of a private home!

So, I jumped with joy when I found out about Oasis Collections.

A company that takes the private vacation rentals service to the next level, providing a luxury hotel service in a private home. Who’d not want that?? I dream of the day I’m the one in one of those dreamy vacation homes.

Open Spaces Joatinga (Rio de Janeiro)

Miami Manor (South Beach Miami)
Secret Garden (Buenos Aires)
Oasis Collections gives the traveller access to a handpicked selection of more than 700 of the best apartments and villas in the most exciting locations in America, from Florida to Rio de Janeiro. And best of all, they also cater for all pockets, from “Amazingly Affordable” to “Extravagant (But Worth It)”. And on top of that, they also provide the adventurous people with access to Private Members’ clubs in the city of their choice. It’s definitely a new way of travelling worth experiencing.

apartments by Oasis Collections

So now you’ve got no excuse, next time you plan your next (American, for now) adventure, do it in style with Oasis Collections! And please, count me in (for now I can only dream)!

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