Wanderwings 1st Blogversary

Wohoooo! I can't believe it's aleady Wanderwings' 1st Blogversary! 

This year has gone by so fast it's amazing. So many things have happened since I decided to start blogging my life away, moving countries, graduating, internships, new languages, culture shock, new people, among many many other things, big changes I'd say, and wanderwings has been my way of keeping track of all those changes and new things in life. To celebrate the blogversary I decided to expand a bit into the social media-verse (a.k.a. Facebook) and launch the wanderwings facebook page.

In addition to the lovely new facebook page (which you should go and like in here) I've started to make baby changes on wanderwings.com; after a year I thought it was finally time for a makeover.
Wanderwings is celebrating its blogversary in style and the best of ways, new look and new social media platform. 

I hope you enjoy!! & don't hesitate, feedback is always more then welcome! :)

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