Style Mondays: Colour Psychology & Autumn/Winter '14 Colour Trends.

Hello everybody, here is my second post! Today I bring to you the energy of colours!

I am going to start this post by introducing you to colour psychology, which can be quite interesting, especially for those who like wearing colourful clothes no matter the season. Colours don't only put the cherry on top of any look but are also very influential on our mood. The following are the most common and their associated meanings, which you may find useful when putting together your daily outfit:

It is a color full of energy, perhaps a little difficult to combine and make it work with other items or tones of skin but always related with a really positive mood. 

Orange is like red! This is a color that is also perfect to get someone’s attention! Powerful and associated with love and passion. It is a warm color that draws us to a positive energizing sensation.

And here is my favorite choice. Maybe the fact that it is associated with nature has something to do with this. It is a very calm, relaxed color that combine with almost any outfit. It is said that it is a spring or summer color, but in my opinion it fits as well perfectly in autumn and winter.  Green will probably make you feel safe and relaxed.

Yellow is perfect to cheer you up if you are having a bad day, it is associated with intelligence and inspiration. Try to use it in an imaginative way to take advantage of its magical properties!!

As green, it is a relaxed color that inspires calming, creativity. But something to keep in mind as opposed to yellow, is that maybe this is not the best color to pick up if you are usually feeling depressed. It may you feel blue!

Now that we're done with introducing you to the beauty of colour psychology, it's finally the time you've been waiting for since you opened this post, it's time to talk about the colour trends for the Autumn/Winter '14 season.
As we can see they are not going to be as dull as we might have expected from previous year's experiences…I'm going to rule autumn once again!!

Bright tones such as: tangerine, blood orange, cherry, fuchsia, caution yellow, lime, cobalt, celurean.


Jewel tones such as: cranberry, hot pink, deep emerald (in love!), teal, orchid, honey mustard, wine, crimson.

Soft tones: carnation, dusty rose, nude, peachy nude, ice blue, lilac, lavender.

And the more traditional in autumn, neutral tones such as: loden, pea green, camel, cocoa, toffee, ivory, dove grey, grey, charcoal, ink.
To sum up, it is commonly said that the colours we wear reflect our mood and/or the season we are in. I'd go a step further and say they may even help define it, because they can greatly affect the way we perceive the world around us. We tend to associate colours with lots of different things, mainly because they influence us in uncanny ways, they inspire us, they energize us or make us feel calm among many other things. We should want to apply this concept to clothes!  

Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!!


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