Style Mondays: Parkas

I want to start my blogging career talking to you about a type of coat I am obsessed with: The parka!.
The classic one, not the anorak type really common during cold winter months.

I know, i know, it is not winter yet, not even autumn, and it's really hot still, at least in Spain, but it is a good opportunity to stock up with winter garments before winter comes, at least that is what I do. I really love winter clothes and I cannot wait until the white (in most places) season arrives.

Before going any further, and for those who may not know what a parka is, it is a type of coat (between coat and jacket) that can protect you from freezing temperatures and wind. But there are many times, including my favourite, for its seasonality, the lightweight parka, not necessarily the militar-style one, but the classic camoufalge green preferably. Khaki is a very trendy choice as well, although, in my opinion, this light -coloured choice is more suitable for warmer seasons. Despite it all, both colors of parka work for almost any occasion.

Here I leave you with some examples.

Masculine notes in femenine outwear:

Asos Parka

It is a very trendy durable piece that will never be out of style. Another reason why it may be worth investing in a parka is that very likely you are going to use quite regularly, so much so that it may become part of your daily outfit, because it is really comfy, it will always make you look gorgeous, and it is very easy to wear in a chic way.

Asos beige parka

As I said before, the one I prefer is the lightweight version. I already bought myself one like this (impatience!) overtaking winter. I know maybe it is not the best idea for winter, but you may want to combine it during cold winter days with a cardigan or a wool jumper. The advantage of this thinner parka is that it can be easily worn on sunny winter days or even spring! In a few words, whether temperatures plunge or not, this garment will surely be very hot this year. I will definitely be wearing this a lot the coming autumn and winter with biker boots on a tomboyish style, or flats and jeans for a more feminine touch. It doesn’t matter if it is a little lighter.

zalando parka
ESPRIT in Zalando

Here I leave you some ideas or better say, some ways to wear a Parka:

The Lightweight Parka: It doesn’t matter khaki, black, brown, green, long or short (if you are not so tall it would be nice if it is not so long, if it ends right below your hips). With a light dress and biker boots the first days of autumn or during the spring. Use it as a transitional jacket. It is more casual but still elegant.

New Look parka
New Look in ASOS

A slightly oversized parka with dark jeans and knee-high boots, with or without heels, or biker boots, and combined with a cardigan inside for the colder days. In Madrid is more than enough this time of the year, so adapt to your geographic location. A perfect outfit for work, and very versatile if you don’t know what to wear to cover-up.

Dreimaster Parka
Dreimaster in Zalando

When it is really cold outside, this type of parka with some faux-fur and sheepskin style lining will keep us warm. It is surely a must-have in anyone's winter outerwear collection, this season can get really chilly at times, "better safe than sorry" they say.

ASOS Exclusive Parka
ASOS Exclusive Parka

Hope you enjoyed it, parkas are an inspiration for me!


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