Wanderwings' Exciting News

As I've been hinting for the past few weeks, something big was about to happen in Chez Wanderwings.

The time has come, the news are out, Monica is here!!

For a while I've been picking my brains trying to find a perfect partner in crime to join me on the Wanderwings adventure.

That perfect partner in crime, and as of now co-writer on Wandewrings is: Monica!

Oh and we have a new appearance and a new logo too!

I know that so far this blog has been a bit anonymous, well it's about time we introduce ourselves ^^

Wanderwings started as a way to keep track of life, and experiences; a place to look back and remember amazing times, like a travel diary for family and friends to know what I was up to. But soon I decided I wanted it to be something more, it evolved into a different sort of project, a way of sharing with you these experiences, from simple yet delicious recipes, to concerts and travel tips, all marinated with a wonderful mix of photos and humor. But what is a blog if you can't share it with someone with similar views in life? That's where this new big change is coming from. Don't they say that two is better than one?? So, here we are today, Monica and Henar. Two girls one blog.

Henar, 25 years old, living in Bremen (Germany). Part time blogger & photographer, full time dreamer. Born and raised in Madrid (Spain), since 2005 moved around a bit (part-time), from New Zealand to USA to the South of England, and Denmark. That went on until 2009 when she moved full time to Scotland in order to study a Joint Honours degree in Digital Media and Information Studies with English at the University of Glasgow. During the academic year 2011/12 took a year abroad in Århus (Denmark) where she confirmed her love for all things Nordic and Mulled Wine (Danish Gløgg). Instagram: Iinearrr

Mónica, 25 years old, born and living in Madrid (Spain), also lived in the north. English teacher and blogger. Studied a degree in English Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid. She is interested in English-speaking cultures (& culture in general) and traveling. Her most remarkable experience was trying a little piece of the Wild West a while ago: San Francisco. She’s a lover of fashion and design, nature, and adores animals. Her highest aspirations are becoming a translator, and speaking both English and French as fluently as her mother tongue, in order to be able to understand the world around her even better. She’s in love with New York city and Mini Schnauzers. Instagram: internauta_ludita

On top of the new appearance, the new logo, the new member, we'll be adding some new content to the blog, we hope you enjoy it.
So, wish us luck and let us know what you think, we are always a work in progress so any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

Hope you enjoy our tips and don’t hesitate to contact us about anything you want on:
wanderwingsblog [at] gmail [dot] com

And don’t forget to follow us on our brand new

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