Style Mondays: 8 key trends this A/W 14

Today I will introduce you to the 8 key trends for this coming Autumn/Winter season, and I'll trow in some tips on how to style them.

Fur coats:
 So far as almost all brands have started selling already their faux-fur coat lines (including H&M as we could see at the pre-shopping party in Hamburg a last week). They can be quite fun to play around with, but they are not for everyone.

Oversized coats: Also seen at the H&M party, these coats are a must this season. They are not only super stylish, but they also great in colder months. Although, once again, these are not for everybody unfortunately. 

Tartan: The oh! so British patterns are trending once again. I have to say that I am very glad!! Tartan coats are very versatile in cold weather. Both on coats and blouses…even trousers!! They bring the chic to any look, quite informal but sophisticated, perfect for class or a day at the office. 

Cobalt and dulled blue: It was trend before, and combined with black or white (or even both), are always popular combinations. It is very elegant and looks good on almost everyone, so fill your closet while you can!!

Slip-on shoes: Besides the sneakers, you are going to find these shoes everywhere, in all sorts of textures and colors. You can combine them with almost any outfit for a more fresh and relaxed style. 

The sporty look: I'm not a big fan of this trend but it's undeniable that's hit us hard. If so many people agree, there must be something about it. Let's see, it can be very functional and comfortable, which is always great. 

Chunky knit sweaters: This sweaters, in any color, are a must this season. Although silver grey, peach, and dull browns will be specially nice and easy to combine with almost any outfit. If you want something more risky you can check our post on this season's color trends here

Maxi-blanket-scarf: Who needs a coat when you can have a super XL long scarf to keep you warm, right? At least in the in-between seasons period that isn't hot nor cold, and quite unpredictable. Any colour works great, but the most popular tend to be black, greys and browns. If you want a scarf that really wraps you up, you should invest in an XL scarf, it is surely a great idea. 

Of course within each of these categories, there's always an alternative suitable for every budget :)

Which of these trends do you like most?

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