Eating Mediterranean: Puré de Verduras

This has been quite a "warm" weekend compared with the past few weeks, but the mood has already settled. It's autumn my friends! And what comes with autumn? Soups and warm yummy food.

After finding some amazing soup veggies in the market I decided it was time for my first soup of the season. I have not such fond memories from this soup when I was growing up, it was the oh! most dreaded meal at school but with the age I've come to appreciate it's simplicity and deliciousness.
Puré de Verduras

It may not be the prettiest of soups with its green yellowish colour but I promise you, it is healthy, and it is oh yum yum! 

So, to serve two you'll need:
Put about a litter of water with a pinch of salt (to taste) to boil. In the meantime prepare the veggies: wash and chop them, then place them in the water.

Cook them at medium-low power until soft. Drain most of the water (don't throw away, you can use the broth for other soups or sauces!) and puree them.

Serve with home made croutons (toasted sandwich bread cut in little pieces) like I did, or any other way you want, and enjoy!
Puré de Verduras
Puré de Verduras
Puré de Verduras
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