Style Mondays: Autumn/Winter Footwear

Hello everybody!!

It's finally here, not only the time to start thinking about coats but also autumn shoes!!  

Boots and booties are always popular in autumn and winter among women, but the truth is, that suede shoes have also become very popular for warmer days. And let's not forget the infamous dress shoes. Doesn't matter if black or brown, a pair of those basic shoes will never fall out of style, and they will probably be used no matter the season. Either way, and among all the other choices, there's no denying that a good pair of boots will become our best friends during the next few months. 

So it's time to start the search for those perfect boots, changing last year shoes and buying new ones when a new season arrives or temperatures drop can be very exciting. I do not know exactly why, maybe it makes us feel younger, fresher, like moving to another different or distant city. Who knows?

I am a very simple person and if it is cold, boots are worn as my daily uniform. I like brown boots like these: Casual and comfortable. 

Rockport. Anna tall boots

But there are many options available out there. The style and colors tend to change with the season, lighter when temperatures rise and in nudes, sand, and so on. whereas warmer tones or blacks are available for autumn and winter with more frequency, and tend to be simpler, more durable, and change less with time and fashion trends, which on the bright side means they will last us longer.  

The trending colours for this A/W 14 season include purples, mustard, and dark reds, among others. even tho, as mentioned before, earth tones for autumn, and black and brown for winter are the most popular choices.

When looking for those perfect autumn shoes, whether flats or heels, look for a pair that will resist really extreme conditions, and combines well. And ideal materials for the colder rainier months will mostly be leather or suede, for their durability, although there are many other choices in the market, you just have to find one that fits your needs.

For in between seasons or milder climates, some of the most popular are sneakers, loafers and oxfords, because of their versatility as they can be worn during any season. 

Oxford shoes
For slightly colder weather ‘shearling’ or sheepskin instead is a very popular choice nowadays. 

Ugg boots for women.
Needless to say, that on top of everything else, women have always more shoe choices, in velvet or silk and satin, for instance.
Women's purple crush velvet Dr. Martens.
Hope you enjoyed this post and overall that you found these tips useful! :)

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