Dessous Party

Germany has been so far a box full of surprises.
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From unexplicable good weather in October to Social Cooking  events, to Dessous Parties, it never ceases to surprise me.

Wait what? Oh yeah good question. I should have started by explaining what exactly a dessous party is.

Do you know in American films when a group of women get together with champagne and snacks and a representative from Mary Kay comes down with a big mysterious suitcase full of make up goodies? Well, a dessous party is the same but with lingerie.

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German women love this sort of events, in less than 6 months I've been invited to join several times, every time, without fail was a blast.

The evening goes like this:

The lady from the shop comes with row after row after row of beautifully designed pieces, and a mirror.

She sets it all up, the mood music is ready, catalogues everywhere, and finally introduces herself and the conditions of the purchase among many other interesting facts.

Also, she explains how to choose the right piece for you and your body shape, and shortly after invites you to go ahead, look around and try it on. Meanwhile her expert eyes look around to make sure all runs smoothly, while advising all and every one of the ladys in search. She's a bit like Wonder Woman, she's everywhere and never in the middle. Amazing!

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When everything is sorted, lingerie ordered and everyone satisfied, the eating and chatting resumes until the guests old and new have to go home.

Goodnight everyone and see you next time! bid each other farewell.

Yet another successfully interesting evening, don't you agree? Who could resist a shopping evening from the comfort of your home? Is there anything like this where you live or is it only in here?

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