Style Mondays: Over-the-knee Boots.

Hello everyone and good morning! What a busy week it was last week! Thank goodness there is always some space to think about what are we going to wear next day. Today I decided to tell you about something we are all passionate about…shoes, in this case over-the-knee boots or high and tall boots, since they are trending once again.

ASOS. ASOS KEY HOLE Wide Feet Suede Over the Knee Boots
The big question is, how does one wear them without looking like you've gone to a movie in the late 80s?

First, let’s talk about heel boots over the knee. They are not an easy garment to combine in the day-to-day. However, there is no doubt about how classy they can be, you can take advantage of it to create a different and elegant look. ALDO Constancio Black
Although are very sophisticated garments, they may not always be the most appropriate. There are many ways of wearing the over-the-knee boots, you can choose a tight to the leg version, about 10 cm above the knee, or slightly lower, among many more. The possibilities for your closet can be infinite. 
Zalando. Pier One Over-the-Knee Boots-Black

Another version, a little more comfortable are low boots over the knee. A little more updated and modern, they are still elegant, and you are going to keep looking like an unconditional follower of trends. I recommend wearing them always with a mini dress or skirt, and avoid maxi dresses at all costs with these boots. And remember, the shorter the skirt or dress the higher the boots can go. Ziawia Tall Boots Brown

If you are shortie, your best bet will be a short skirt, tho try to keep the boot in proportion. And also there are boots below the knee, or even beautiful and versatile booties that will certainly suit you better.

Zalando. s. Oliver Winter Boots-beige

They are a ‘must-have’ this season, but as long as it is in itself a slightly provocative garment, we must be really careful when it comes how to combine it.

To summarize, these boots can make or break an outfit so here I leave you these tips I believe they may be useful as a guide on how to look your best while following this trend.

-Wear them with miniskirt, they go well with jackets or long coats, don’t wear too many colors, they go well with tight or skinny jeans.
-Beware the texture of the boots and the colors you choose to dress up, beware if you wear them with miniskirt and you are too tall, because they could stylize too much and they possibly look better above jeans.

Zalando. Anna Field Lace-up Boots-black

Very revival trend, don’t you think? It reminds me of leggings. And it seems that this one also aims high and to stay with us for long. Are you for or against this trend? What are your favourite? Feel free to add more ideas to this list down in the commentary section!


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