Maldives Moodboard

Continuing my lets-keep-the-summer-spirit-alive mood of late, today I decided to day-dream about the Maldives and put together the following moodboards.
Maldives Moodboard

Popular honeymoon destination for many, and dream vacation location for myself. With those clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and amazing above-water hotel rooms. Paradise of privacy and immeasurable beauty. I dream of sunsets above the fluid horizon, snorkeling among fish, sailing, and swimming with dolphins in the transparent Indian ocean, oh so much to dream about!
Maldives Moodboard
This conglomerate of islands lives up to its name, which derives from the Indian words for "palace" ("mahal") and "island"("diva"). You'll feel like a king in this tropical paradise, where one can enjoy summer year around, or sleeping at an underwater suite like this one at the Conrad Maldives. And from the 1.190 islands which compose the Maldivas only 202 (88 of them with tourist resorts) are inhabited which will allow for a very personal experience and so much to explore!

After reading all of this and all the dreamy pictures in the moodboards, who'd not want to go!? Let's join forces and go together! What is your dream tropical destination? and why? Share it with me down on the comments section.


P.S. If you're a moodboard lover like the rest of us you should totally check the wonderfully inspiring work of the ladies at The Slow Pace and the 1000s of moodboards that can be found in Pinterest.

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