Style Mondays: Scarves and Foulards

Good morning everybody! Today I will tell you about scarves and foulards. 

Scarves and foulards are accessories, but not just that. They are must have in my daily outfit. They don’t only help us to cope with the cold but also perfectly complement our look. 
I assure you this one I bought last week in ZARA will be consistently used in both gray and sunny days equally this coming winter.
ZARA Checked Scarf.
This year scarves have taken a front row seat on all collections, and even more now with the arrival of the XL plaid scarves we've talked!! These are two different options, the soft blue would look lovely with almost any winter outfit and give you that extra pop of colour. 
ASOS Oversized Fluffy Scarf
River Island Blurred Tartan Blanket Scarf
There are a thousands of ways to wear them, depending on the different touch we want to give to our look. Karissa Plaid Crinkle Scarf
Perhaps we can look at how people are wearing them and how the colors are combined to find new inspiration. During my search for the perfect scarf I found this page called I wanted to share with you, they have tons of options an tips about how to wear a scarf and you are going to surely find something you like. I was even able to find a video explaining 25 ways to use a scarf.
To cover my neck several times or letting it hang looser towards the two sides are my favourite options.  
Zalando. Pieces. PS CASSY Scarf Pink
We will always find a section in all stores dedicated to scarves and foulards. From small, feminine and delicate to current XL blanket styled scarves, harboring much for the cold. As we have seen, there are many varieties, materials and patterns to choose from. The plaid pattern is very popular this season. 
ASOS Bonded Check Tartan Scarf
Finally, I just want to encourage you to check out the collections in the stores and find your favorite print. Since it is the perfect accessory for any type of outfit, and not only serves you to safeguard yourself from the cold. 
ZARA Multicolored Striped Scarf
What is your favorite style? How do you like wearing them? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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