Style Mondays: Autumn Trends: Never Without Skirts.

Hello everyone, let's start the week talking about skirts, which is by the way something useful, either we like or want to have in our closet classy clothes, or we feel flirty and we simply like wearing skirts, or tricks of the trade, we prefer wearing skirts when going to the office. So that's why I decided to open a small space with some cool examples today.

KLING. Accrington Denim Skirt
Surely that if you've gotten this far it’s because you may be interested in this subject. Here I'll leave you with some skirt models that will be fashionable during this season. Sometimes, due to the onset of winter, we prefer to leave aside this garment. I am the first. But don’t forget that it’s one of the most feminine pieces that we have. Also, we have a variety of fabrics and shapes, according the one we decide to choose, we may look younger or more sophisticated, or perhaps a bit more elegant.

Mango. Check miniskirt.

A more appropriate fabric for cold weather, and you should take note this season, is leather, whether genuine or imitation. You're going to find it everywhere, in stores and in a thousand different styles: either midi, mini or maxi, variety is the spice. Don’t forget that low-cost versions are also at your fingertips, leather is not synonymous with high prices in any case. I have it clear, leather is for more rock! how cool is that?

ASOS. A-Line Skirt in Leather Look.

Also you'll find them with studs, zippers… this material gives much play for the most rockers, plain style triumphs, and also the ones made of padded material.

ZARA. Embroidered Faux Leather Skirt.

Also, the latest styles, not to be missed, are in bright metallic materials. This fashion gives more play than it seems. But how much does the style matter? Not that much... according to the day you may choose the shape and kind of skirt that suits you best, but don’t forget these types of materials so fashionable this season. They are ideal to dazzle if you go out at night!

ASOS. Mini Skirt In Glitter.

ASOS. Black Sequin Embellished Midi Skirt.

You already saw that the black color, in leather skirts, is an absolute protagonist. So lovers of this trend got lucky this season that is about to come. There are padded skirts in leather versions, I find them very cosy for colder months. Don’t forget that at ZARA we may find many models of these skirts in low-cost version. Something for everyone.

Mango. Fluted-hem Leather Skirt.

ZARA. Faux Leather Skirt.

Now, let’s make a brief review of some types of skirt. You may also want to take notes of the next tips about how to use them. Straight skirt (or pencil skirt) is back into fashion one more time. Fashion or not, if you like it, you can wear it, as it is very sexy, flattering and sophisticated. You can use it above or below the knee, the latter is even more innovative and daring. They are very good with high heels and blouse, but you can try to wear it with boots or oversize shirt (also sweaters if it’s cold).

TOPSHOP. Prince of Wales Checked Tube Skirt.

For a more funny choice, high school style is the latest fashion, plaid pattern will give you a youthful look and you can use them with sneakers.

ZALANDO. Tom Tailor. Mini Skirt. Purple.

Another bet that I love, is the flared midi skirt to the knee or slightly below. It can also be plaid pattern or plain, the latest is easier to combine with a blouse or something tight on top, it will stylize your figure. They look good with heels, although this is optional. Yellow, blue, green and the always elegant red and traditional tones are the best. In addition to this, long skirts, even if it’s winter are hot this season.

ZARA. Checked Skirt.

And after this brief review, what skirt do you like the most? which style do you feel the most identified?

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