Style Mondays: The Easy Chic Solution, Backpacks.

Hello all again! Today I will tell you all about the most fashionable, easy, and chic solution. Say bye bye to bags and hello to the most practical and beautiful backpacks you could ever imagine.

ASOS. Herschel City Backpack in Dusty Blush Colourblock
One thing remains clear, backpacks can compete with bags in terms of fashion, and specially this year they do. The backpack can be a chameleonic, sophisticated accessory useful for every occassion. What I like the most about them is like all things: there are no limits!!

ZARA. Rucksack with Metallic Fastening

What more can be said about the traveling spirit of this accessory? Always ready to accompany you wherever you go... much more practical than carrying a shoulder bag, which sometimes can be quite uncomfortable if you have to carry too many things. Sometimes, I see myself forced to leave some things at home, because they don’t fit in the bag. Besides who enjoys wearing huge over the shoulder bags, which will only bother you and won't make it easy to find a thing. Thank goodness, fashion found the solution in backpacks. 

Panamá Jack. Road Backpack. Wheat T
Backpacks are unique in that they can give you a casual touch, or a sporty look if you wish. Although with one made of leather like next one, you can get that desired classy look. Backpacks are always being reinvented, and every style can be reinterpreted in a million different ways, from sporty to elegant or 80s grunge, it is all a matter of taste. And it is for sure, that this is much easier to achieve with a backpack than with a handbag.

ASOS. Leather Backpack with Croc Embossed Detail
These backpacks (see below) are a must-have this season. This retro style backpack, with graffiti design or even broken, with chains and patches, has become a fetish accessory for the fashion addicts. Would you follow this trend? Seemingly, this was a bag sold out at Colette within hours of going on sale, and a multitude of stars like Miley Cyrus are hardcore followers of fashion backpacks like this. Mochila Graffiti Printed Canvas Chanel

For a more rebellious look these backpacks with a touch of color, within a more average or with a note of casual, grunge outfit, can make the backpack shine with its own light, and be the key of the look.

Pull&Bear. Multicolour Backpack

Backpacks also return this year, reworking iconic success bags from previous seasons. With this one you can get a much more delicate touch or a revival look. A slightly more classic style, though. 

ASOS. Warehouse Bar Detail Backpack

Had you set an eye on them already before? Urban style, indie, classic... are waiting for you not only to travel, to accompany you in whatever your path is. Multitude of fabrics, different shapes, sizes and colors may eventually captivate you and get your attention, in the nuance of functional. One for each occasion or for all occasions. To me, I don’t need to change my backpack as much as I do change of bag, and that says it all. They are comfortable even when plans change. I love this one I've found at Zalando, it's from Kipling, how I love this brand! Many beautiful, high quality backpacks!

Zalando. Kipling Backpack. Firefly N. Across Body Bag. Dark Blue

I could show you plenty of them, but the time came to say goodbye. Happy rest of the week and thanks for your visits. What is your favourite style when it comes to choosing the right backpack?? Take the opportunity to discuss whatever your suggestion is in the comments section :)

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