Lush Haircare: Rehab & Retread

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Ever since I got my caramel highlights a few months ago, I have been on the hunt for hair products that can restore some of the damage caused by the colouring process. I have tried everything, from olive and coconut oil to expensive products and even mere soaps.

I began to wash my hair less frequently, which actually helped!

I could notice that the second day after the wash, my hair regained a lot of its shine. However, as soon as I would put some shampoo on my hair, it relapsed to its lifeless state.
I always pass by the Lush shop in town. Having struggled with skin allergies before, the strong scents pouring out from the Lush store into the street have always made me avoid going in; until two weeks ago, when I hit rock bottom. Reaching the point of desperation I decided to go in and try one of their shampoos and conditioners. I picked the Rehab shampoo for dry hair, and following the advice of the sales woman I took the Retread conditioner to go with it.
Lush Rehab Shampoo
Lush Retread Conditioner
Being the skeptic that I am, I didn't get my hopes up too high, and thought after reading about Lush and its use of all Natural products that I will for sure notice an improvement, it does cost a chunk of a wallet after all!

But to my surprise, the condition of my hair after the first wash improved to a state I wouldn’t have ever imagined, and I have not experienced in years! Ever since I started to colour my hair back high school, I haven't had such healthy hair (except for periods where I decided to stop colouring and let my natural hair grow out)! I believe that washing my hair less has helped too, but there is no denying the wonders of Lush Rehab shampoo and Retread conditioner.

So, after using the Rehab and Retread combo for the past two weeks, I found that Rehab has a yummy minty scent, whereas my boyfriend described it as deliciously-fruity. I guess it depends on the person you ask, but the ingredients list contains papaya, kiwi, and pineapple juice. Retread has the usual scent and creamy texture of a conditioner.
All in all, I am very satisfied and looking forward to seeing how my hair will evolve in the coming weeks, but for now, I am going to enjoy every moment of my beautiful healthy hair.

What is your favourite hair care product for dry hair? Share it with us down below in the comments section!



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