Style Mondays: Beanies and Hats

Hello again, how time flies! Finally it's time to make a special mention to the most anticipated hats and beanies for this season. When better than now, that the cold hit us hard and we all are waiting for Christmas…it's a now or never situation.

Zalando. Bickley Mitchel Hat-White
Against the cold, the ideal complement, not missing from any winter wardrobe. Also, you will not need to search very thoroughly to find the one for you, you’ll find hundreds of models to choose from wherever you go, a one for every occasion if you wish.

Zalando. Even&Odd. Hat-purple. 
The right season, the right weather, so, it’s the time! Fans of this accessory are more than lucky, take pen and paper and note these tips down, because this year there's going to be a myriad of hat/beanie looks to choose from.

ASOS. Jack Wills Allwood Booble Hat
Perfect as a gift to your loved ones, if you don’t know what to give, a very stylish and practical choice that most people will love.

ASOS. Jack Wills Bakewell Shearling Bobble Beanie
Depending on your outfit, you can find plenty of ways to combine it. This season, the sporty style or with embroidered letters will be eagerly followed by fashionistas everywhere. And if something more classic is your style, look for the traditional woolen beanie (or these with a twist) that'll surely become your best friend during the winter season, and it goes with everything so it'll make your styling a lot easier in the mornings.

ZARA. Knit Hat with Text
This season, wool (you could try making them yourself!) beanies or wool pompoms for a fun and informal option, faux-fur, funny beanies, wool fedoras, baseball style or sailor caps, are the go-to choices. And all of them can be easily combined in many different ways.

ASOS. Fur Trapper Hat
For example, with a simple pair of jeans, a sweater and booties. Or for a more elegant party outfit: a skirt, dress or suit with blazer and heeled shoes, and a more sophisticated hat. Why not? The world is your oyster. You have options.

ZARA. Velvet Turban

Hatsandcaps. Olney Hats Annabel Waterproof Bucket Hat-Brown

Whether you are a fan of caps or not, it's time to embrace this practical and cozy trend, because it won't only look great but also will keep you from freezing!! 

Hatsandcaps. Kusan Hats Bobble Hat-Multi-colored

Which style do you usually wear? Which one do you like least and why? :)


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