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Pretty Little Liars (PLL) is a series that debuted in 2010, of which I knew absolutely nothing about until a few months ago. I heard or read somewhere -can't really remember where- that it is quite popular, so I decided to buy the first season before reading any reviews or comments, in order to find out if it is worth the fuss.
Pretty Little Liars Personal Review

Much like The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, PLL belongs to that category of TV drama that revolves around normal teenagers who experience very abnormal events. In such dramas you have a bunch of 15-17-year-olds who just wanna do well at school, hang out with their friends, get to date their crushes, and avoid/fight/blame their parents; the normal things you do in high school, meanwhile, some kind of absurdly insane drama is going on, that is so intense, that even a 50 year old retired Colonel cannot handle!
Pretty Little Liars Personal Review
Personally, I enjoy watching such shows, even though I am aware that the targeted audience are in the age category of 15-25, and that sometimes the plots just get completely out of hand!

So far, I am enjoying PLL more than the other two above mentioned. In The Vampire Diaries, after the 3rd season, I got sick of Elena and Stefan falling in and out of love with each other, characters dying and then being brought back to life through magic, and Damon's heart getting constantly trampled upon.

In Gossip Girl, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't feel sorry for 'poor-rich girl' Serena Vanderwoodsen, and no matter how much I liked Blair -or Leighton Meester for that matter- I just couldn't feel her 'pain' in the  turmoil of her  relationship with Chuck. I guess they were to "rich" for me to care about their dilemmas.

The plot of PLL sees a clique of five girls that are devastated when one of them, the controlling Alison, who is the leader of the group, mysteriously vanishes. A year later each girl receives a messages from 'A', who threatens to expose a very disturbing secret that each girl is trying to keep to herself. At first, the girls try to ignore the message, until they become aware that the only person they shared the secret with is Alison, which gives them hope that Alison is back, and that all is just another one of her games to mess around with them. However, their hopes are shattered as Alison's body is found. The mystery of who 'A' is and whether he/she/they killed Alison begins.

In my opinion, aside from the craziness of being watched and threatened by a psychopath and living a double life, the characters are really relate-able.

Here are the girls:

Aria, whose academic parents raised her to be responsible and to make her own decisions and choices. Siting in a restaurant she meets a handsome stranger who like herself happens to ejoy literature. A romance starts only to be interrupted a few days later, as the handsome stranger turns out to be Aria's English teacher. Aria's struggles with this romance and her parents recent separation.
Pretty Little Liars Personal Review
Hanna is the one I like and -in some ways- relate to the most. On the outside she is all glamourous and superficial, but in reality she is a funny, kind, and caring person, with a nerdy side:) Her parents are divorced so she tries to morally help and support her single Mother.
Pretty Little Liars Personal Review
Spencer is the one who kind-of leads the group after Alison's disappearance. She is very intelligent with an excellent academic record. Her parents are lawyers who always want to 'win', so she feels constant pressure to strive for perfection and high achievement. She is witty and a good friend.
Pretty Little Liars Personal Review
Emily is the sweet and sensitive one in the group. She is an excellent swimmer and is loved by everyone. Her father who serves in the military and Mother who is a stay at home wife hold conservative views, which leads Emily to  struggle with the fact that she is gay. It is revealed that she was in love with Alison, which makes Alison's disappearance and murder harder for Emily than the others.
Pretty Little Liars Personal Review
One of my favourite reviews about PLL described it as a "mix between I know what you did last Summer and Gossip Girls", which is exactly the feeling you get. The PLLs are constantly watched and threatened by 'A'.

So far I have only seen the first season. It was really entertaining, which makes me only hope that the next seasons are as good as this one.

Are you also watching PLL? do you think it is a good show like I do? What are some of your current favourite series? Let's discuss in the comments section :)



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