Style Mondays: Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color

Hello everyone again! Today's post will be a bit different, because in this case we are not going to speak of a fashion garment in particular, but of a color that is going to be very present the coming months. You, yes, you, lovers of red and all its different shades, you are in luck this year.
Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
Pantone: Marsala color.
Pantone chose this color with name from an Italian city, given the peculiarities and nuances that it supports. This is an earthy and burgundy tone, in this region of Italy wine is robust. As you would expect, we will find it everywhere, not only in clothing, although it is what concerns us now, but also in makeup, decoration, design, etc. This color brings a touch of mysticism, safety and force to any environment or person who carries it. It is a rich reddish-brown.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
In Style: Photos: Stars Wearing Marsala.
To clarify, Pantone, they know about color technology, and they are those who with their creativity, every year advance that color that is going to permeate every field of design. They insist that this color is going to represent a mood, and a rich and full attitude that we will describe below.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
Forever 21. Skinny Corduroy Pants. Burgundy.
It is a warm color as well, we may describe it as enriching for the mind, and appropriate to connect the body and the soul, because it gives us security and stability, as already described above. All shades of red are very seductive, and this does not get rid of that quality either. With them, we could also drag a sweet touch of elegance and sensuality.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
ASOS. Pencil Dress in Spot Waterfall. Oxblood/Cream
Like many other colors (would not be less for marsala), it is a tone that fit many variables. Better yet! So we can choose our own. The tone of wine can drag with it, a touch or essence of brown or red berries. And like wine, you may have to choose among different strengths. It may be great to use it as a finishing touch to seal our outfit, as an accessory, as footwear or lip color to seal the look, so very elegant and sophisticated. Take note of these tips to combine it perfectly, although you will see that it is not difficult, because it goes well with almost everything:

1. It will look great with grays and neutral tones or warm taupe.
2. It looks very nice with amber, dark ocher, gold, turquoise and very vibrant blue.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
ZARA. Buckle Detail Clutch. Burgundy.

We are going to find everywhere striped garments and flowers printed in this color, this color is going to give them grace (more general label of this color). Also, it should be indicated that it serves not only to the girls, because it is a color that can stick very well in garments for men. It also goes well with all skin tones. What more can be said, is the most perfect color!

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
ASOS. New Look Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Burgundy.
Following adding nuance to this tone, we will emphasize in its captivating touch, typical of the red tones. It is recommended for using in monochrome blends to highlight its exquisiteness. On the skin, for example, we could accomplish this by mixing it with the pink color. We could also mix it with metallic tones and use it at night. As noted above, another feature is that it is the perfect accessory. This way, it be well mixed with smoked or neutral tones, or even bronze.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color Carrera CA6000/L/N 2NZ/D8 Burgundy.

Why marsala color? In regard to color psychology, we could say: that the versatility and warmth, the sensual and nostalgic, what is inspiring to body and soul and gives us security and confidence, which is exquisite and unique, and especially the latter, are the most significant features that can pointed. No doubt, we are going to find it everywhere, to adorn all seasons and spaces. It is a rich color, that gives us a feeling of contentment and serenity always getting closer to nature.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
ASOS. Rib Jumper With Off Shoulder. Dark Red.

In few words, a warm tone, very good companion for cold days and very sexy for summer days, so it is perfect in this regard, since it is suitable for all seasons. As we said, it goes with the times, which makes it even lovelier. It reminds me to the past: a touch of nostalgia and old, to ancient, elegant movie actresses. And of velvet, all that gives it an added attraction. But it does not mean it is not still being in the latest. I hope that you like this color, and you learn how to get the most out of it.

Aroma of Wine, Marsala Color
Zalando. Khujo DELFI Jersey Dress. Red.
Any suggestions, contributions or comments can be included in the comments section right bellow. Thank you for reading and until next week! :)


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