My Beauty Favourites: Winter/Spring 15 Edition

There are a few make up brands that I love but can't find in Germany.

Rimmel, Sephora, and Bourjois being a few examples.

For that reason, every time I go home I take advantage an stock up on all my favourite, and a couple new ones to try.

This time was no different.
My Beauty Favourites: Winter/Spring 15 Edition
I was in serious need of a new blush, concealer, and waterproof eyeliner, and on top of that wanted to find some new lipstick and eye shadows. Lucky that I already had a trip down to Spain already planned, don't you think? ;)

Anyhow, these are the awesome products I bought myself, which I've been using for the past month and can't get enough of. You can ask anyone that's seen me regularly for the past few weeks if you don't believe me ^^

Kate Eyeshadow Stick in Gold Rose (Idol Eyes collection by Kate Moss for Rimmel London) I'´ve loved it since I first used it. The soft and creamy texture allow for an easy and precise application, whether you wanna use it as a liner or as an eyeshadow, and even tho its rich colour lasts forever (even on oily sin without primer!) it is super easy to blend, making of it a very versatile product. And the colours available are to die for!

Super Liner Eye Liner Mat-Matic L'Oreal in Ultra Black You may have noticed so far that I'm a big fan of all things eyes. Specially eyeliners. In my opinion, they can make or brake a look. Open your eyes, change their shape, play with it whichever way you want! A good eyeliners is super sexy! Well, if you find that gel eyeliner with a pencil is too difficult, this one is the one for you. Gel eyeliner in a pen. Easy to apply, precise and waterproof! Perfect for inner rim or lining the eye.

Kiko Cosmetics Full Coverage Concealer (03 Medium) For the past few weeks I've not been resting properly. "Too much to do, too little time", sounds familiar? Well, because of that I've been having some serious under the eye dark bags. For that reason I have been on the hunt for a full coverage concealer that doesn't feel heavy on my skin. This one has been working miracles used under my BB cream.

Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal by Rimmel London in Gold I love a good gold eyeshadow (makes my eyes look a lot greener!), specially as inner corner highlight, it changes the whole look. But some times I'm on the go and can't take my whole make up bag. This little guy comes in very handy on those days. Waterproof but easy to smudge and blend if needed. A win win for us all, don't you think?? ;)

Little Round Pot Blush in 16 Rose Coup de Foudre from Bourjois Paris This one's a classic. I remember using it back in highschool. Such a nice soft texture, and huge variety of tones and shades. I chose this one because the beautiful bright shimmery coral gives my cheeks the perfect glow on the dull winter days.

Rouge Edition Lipstick in 03 Pêche cosy from Bourjois I've never been a lipstick girl, mostly because I really dislike when my lips are wet/sticky. I really find it annoying so whatever I have on is soon gone. But since I found my matte lip stain from Sephora (01 Always Red) last year I've quite grown fond of wearing a bit of colour on my lips. I had heard really great things from this Bourjois lipstick, it definitely didn't disappoint and it's great for everyday use as it not only has an amazing assortment of tones and shades but also hydrates your lips thoroughly! I specially love this coral/nude I bought, noticeable but not overpowering, perfect for people who want to give importance to the eyes!
My Beauty Favourites: Winter/Spring 15 Edition
So, these are the products I recently bought myself and can't live without now! What are some of your go-to beauty products? Anything I should check out? Let me know on the comments below :)



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