Style Mondays: How to Style Casual Shirts

Hello! Happy week to all fashion lovers, and everyone else too! Today I will talk about light-hearted shirts, and I will give you some tips to style them on the weekends, in case you get tired of the formal office clothes you have to wear throughout the week. Grab pen and paper and you take note of any of the following ideas to help you enjoy the weekend with even more enthusiasm.

How to style casual shirts
KLING. Alain Shirt.
Depending on the situation, tastes, or the weather, we can choose one or the other. As we will see there is an infinite range of possibilities offered to us in the world of women’s shirts. Shirt-wearing isn't just a men's world you know? I will show you a few favorites of mine as a guide. But of course your tastes may go further, because so do the possibilities. Look at this beautiful tartan shirt, it seems to never go out of style and can be worn to create more laid-back looks.

How to style casual shirts
H&M. Checked Shirt.
This shirt in marsala (color trend of 2015) is ideal in this fabric, and may become the perfect item in your wardrobe to complement a casual look, for example to go to the movies, or to go for a couple beers with your friends. 

How to style casual shirts
ASOS. Boyfriend Shirt. Oxblood.
And what about one day in a rural house or a stroll in the fields? Greens or earth colors as khaki are great for that sort of days.
How to style casual shirts
ASOS. Military Shirt. Khaki.
The print on shirts offers thousands of possibilities to choose from, and to adapt according to the season. Flowers may be fabulous in spring or summer and environments close to nature.
How to style casual shirts
ONLY. Long Sleeved Shirt.
Also, it is important not to forget that, even tho we are talking about casual shirts, the key in these outfits with shirts usually lies in the accessories. That means that we are the ones in control, that with our creativity we can dress a look up or down according to our tastes or the occasion. For example, a shirt like the following flowy one, if we add necklaces and/or bracelets may look much more put together. So, remember, it's a blank canvas that only you can paint, clothing is not only functionality and that is what we love about it, that it can get us to, to a certain point, define ourselves.
How to style casual shirts
Desigual. Sandra.
And it's normal to get tired of wearing white, black, or dull colors all the time, and tired of dressing up to the nines all along the week. After a long week of wearing the same old boring office clothes (us that have to)... there's always hope that the weekend always comes!! Thank goodness, we have freedom to vary our clothing and adapt it to our tastes with our imagination. Truth be told: it is time to dress comfortably and as we like. SO what about this shirt from Only? Do you see yourself wearing it with jeans and cowboy boots? 

How to style casual shirts
ONLY. Short Shirt. Dried Tobacco.
Or how do we choose a casual shirt? Very easy: In key denim. It may be faded or not, depending on your tastes. But this fabric is PERFECT for the weekend! In addition, you have a multitude of colors, not only in cowboy blue, and for those who love the denim, is an ideal choice. In Only, you can find such beautiful examples like this:

How to style casual shirts
ONLY. Fitted Denim Shirt.
These days away from work you may choose to mix more brilliant colors, and wear them up with skinny jeans and flats or with booties if the weather is cold. A three quarter sleeve black light textured shirt, may become a wardrobe essential, but you are wrong if you think you may look boring, because combined with skinny jeans in red or blue, you can give it the perfect touch. Also no doubt about one thing, and that is the number of hours of use that you are going to give to it in many different situations, so it is a necessary investment. Depending on how you decide to wear it, it may be a serious or a more casual outfit. A perfect companion:

How to style casual shirts
ASOS. Drape Front Blouse with Collar. Black.
Although now there are days that you can only wear them under a jacket, shirts are indispensable partners in our basic wardrobe. We may have all the amount we want and they never seem to abound. Also they are great partners for all seasons.

Who does not love Saturdays and Sundays? Accompanied by a coat contrasting, they form a perfect look for a casual day out. If you want to still look fashionable, you may bet on oversize shirts like this one bellow:

How to style casual shirts
Forever21. Gingham Boyfriend Shirt. Ivory/Navy.
We talked about patterns, but we have not mentioned the polka dots. It looks great with skinny jeans and shoes with thick soles, but remember that the best thing is to use your imagination in order to not fall into the routine and be unique. 

How to style casual shirts
Forever21. Polka Dot Shirt. Navy/Ivory.
Continuing in the line of designs with casual prints, here we go with something for the sweet mellow ones... what do you think of this checked print in pastels?

How to style casual shirts
ONLY. Check Long Sleeved Shirt. Teaberry.

Are you an habitual shirt wearer? Do you have a favorite style? Do not forget to add any questions, suggestions, contributions in the comments section. Thank you very much for reading and until next week! :)


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