Movie Night: The Bourne Trilogy

Hello there ! Hope everyone is having a good start in 2015. I am starting by having a small vacation, which consists of family and lazy jogging-pant days :) Mentioning being lazy, there is no better way to be lazy than to have movie night, with a couch, a blanket, pizza or chips-sometimes both- and good company, right ?

This time I watched with a friend the critically and commercially successful Bourne movies, in which Matt Damon plays the super-secret-agent Jason Bourne, who after suffering two shots in the back has amnesia and can not remember who he is. Trying to put the puzzle pieces of his life back together, he finds out that there are some bad guys that need to do some serious pay-back, and it turns out that Jason is the perfect guy to make that happen.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
In general I enjoy action movies, but sometimes I am reluctant to watch anything with super-spies. This genre is supposed to be serious, it is after all about power and manipulation, but nevertheless it is full of gravity defying jumps, unbelievable car chases, and fighting scenes where someone-usually bad- dies and the other-usually the hero/heroin- seem not to have as much as a bruise on their precious face. It makes me wonder why guys complain that we girls watch silly hopeless romantic movies, I  say at least the laws of physics are intact when the guy in a chick-flick loves the girl unconditionally and proposes for marriage in the end.

Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum

The three parts of the trilogy are : The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. By far my favourite is the first movie. The other two were very good as well, but for me the first movie had that special "something" that the other two lacked. The first movie portrays the anguish of Jason, a man with no memory, who is lost, lonely and in constant fear, he does not have as much as a name. Matt Damon does a very good job in conveying Jason's desperation to the viewer.   

The only thing that Jason possesses when found is a bank deposit box number in Zurich, so he decides to travel there at once. In the deposit box Jason finds  several passports from different countries with different names but all with his picture, the American passport has the name Jason Bourne. On the way he meets Marie (Franke Potente) at the American embassy and manages to persuade her to drive him to Paris, where is is registered as a tenant. On the way a Romance develops.

Cute moments in otherwise a harsh movie.
One of the highlights of the first movie is the car chase scene. I rate it "really cool" together with the music that they chose for it. The chase reminded me of another famous Parisian car chase from the thriller  Ronin(1998). I prefer the Ronin car chase because it showed that the other cars that were not involved in the chase crashed and the persons inside could have got seriously injured, which is more realistic than the Bourne car chase scene were people only get a scratch or a little scare. But again Jason is the good guy who only hurts bad people. A little "suspension of disbelieve" is needed here.

Jason has no match in combat
The plot of the Supremacy and Ultimatum movie follows the storyline of Jason hunting down those who wanted to kill him in Identity and trying to remember who he is. I will keep it to that and not mention other details, otherwise the first movie would be spoiled. The next two are equally as good as the first, although at moments I felt that fighting scenes were too fast and I couldn't follow what was happening. Of course there were car-chase scenes that were exciting but it could not top the one in Identity. I had the feeling that they were trying to outdo themselves in the second and third one, and things got a little over the top.

So if you are looking for a smart action movie to get that little adrenaline kick, then Bourne is a good choice.

Do you enjoy action movies or prefer other genres? Have you seen any of the Bourne movies? and if so, did you like it as much as I did?



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