Style Mondays: Pyjama Party

Hello again and happy 2015. How have you spent the holidays? I wish they were phenomenal. The first post to debut the year will surely invite you to snuggle yourself into brand new pjs, and relax from the whole craze from the last few days.
OYSHO. Navy Jacquard Jersey.
I've put together a list of my faves, maybe you'll find one that fits your personality and tastes.
Let's start with the sexy stuff. With or without laces, you can find suggestive versions like this first one from Women's Secret, for those who like to flirt up even on their way to sleep:

Women' secret. Long Flowers Print Pyjama.
Epiphany Day in Spain is a pyjamas' day (nightgowns and robes included). Those snugly comfy pieces of heaven are worn around the house pretty much all day, at least in my home. So, it’s time to choose a stylish one for somebody, or yourself!

Women' secret. Short Viscose Robe.
You can find designs in all shapes, fabrics and prints. To never stop looking perfect even around the house. They can be gifts with style, even if they don’t seem so at first. Fashion and trends are always on top of everything, even in our precious dreamland time, though we don’t usually devote the same passion as to day attire.

OYSHO. Constellations Fleece Jumpsuit.
ASOS. New Look Fairisle Burnout Robe.
Surely, you would like to start the year premiering new things, and in the world of pyjamas there is also room for the imagination, with the most creative designs. Polar fabrics come to stay with you on colder winter days, very soft and warm, a great bet.

OYSHO. Owl Sweatshirt.
These pyjamas in cosy fleece fabrics will eventually also be a success. In winter colors, they look super cool and a bit more fresh than polar fabrics while still keeping you warm. Don’t forget that with pyjamas we could take more risks, wear things that are "forbidden" during office hours, or those which we don’t dare to wear even in our darkest dreams ;)

Sainsbury's. Scotty Dog Pyjama Set.
It may be hard to choose one among so many, no matter if you like them to walk around the house, or to sleep, made of a thin cotton garment, or a stronger polar fabric, or with suggestive lace and silky flossy fabrics, made of polyester… you will sure find your winner.

Next. Blue Floral Print Pyjama. 
For the chilliest of nights, if you already have one of these to combat the cold, you may want to buy another (or mannnyy!) model that catches your attention, since trends can also be followed in the home-wear department. And because you never know when the cold may make its appearance, or when it'll go away, so you may as well be ready in style! 

OYSHO. Lovely Fluffly Sweatshirt.
Primark is already the number one when it comes to pyjamas, like the ones bellow at an irresistible price, it’s easy to find parts separated at super cheap prices. In addition, you can also find official versions of films or characters. Don’t miss yours! They don’t have online store, but you may be able to find one near you.

Primark. Minion Striped Pyjama T-shirt.
Primark. Red Bulldog Cuffed Leg Pyjama Bottoms.
I hope you've already chosen yours. What kind do you usually wear? What’s your favorite? Do you usually have one different depending on the occasion? You know you can always contribute with any input, questions or comments in the comments section. Happy day, and for later on…sweet dreams. :)


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