How to Survive Valentines Day While Going Through a Breakup

Valentines day is in two weeks. Some of us are already making plans to cuddle and to be pampered. Others don't care if it's Valentines or not, because to them Valentines Day is a day of advertisment to sell chocolates and roses. Finally there are many who are not in such a great point of their lives, and seeing all those pink lingerie in the store front windows at this time of the year doesn't help.

Valentines Day : Should we celebrate?

In such situations we always turn to those closest to us for advice. It happenes at times that we  just tell our whole story to that girl we met 5 min ago, at the party of a friend of a friend's, because we really got along with her well, and she seemed extremely nice.
I am a firm believer in taking advice with caution. It is very helpful to talk to your friends or peers about your love life and take some advice and suggestions, still, every relationship/affair/breakup is unique, and has it's own very special circumstances, so maybe that advice you get doesn't help or apply to your situation. Again, there is some universal advice that applies to all human beings, like for example "do not text while drunk!"

For me, one coping mechanism is either reading tragic love novels, or listening to sad love songs, and I am sure each and everyone of us deal with heartache in their own way. Here I share some things I have learned over the years:

We have all experienced the pain
EVERYONE has had there fair share of tears, sad songs, and utter misery-ness. Well, most people have, unless they marry their high school sweethearts. Even if it seems that some are living a fairy tale and had had it easy all along, remember: you never really know (unless they tell you that they had it easy all along :p)

It is ok to be sad, but seek help
It is ok to want to have some sad days for yourself. But don't stay isolated, that can cause more damage. Seek help from close ones. If you believe, pray. If not, go to the animal shelter and help with taking care of some furry companions.

Don't be hard on yourself
Never think for one moment that you are not good enough for someone, by doing that you betray yourself. Living proof Rihanna, who is successful, beautiful, and basically a star adored by millions! Nevertheless, she endured an abusive relationship until the police and the whole world got involved.

Keep busy
Talking about keeping busy and making the best out of it, one person comes to my mind: Adele. She wrote 21 after a breakup. Most people are not expected to write a Grammy-winning-best-selling album, but once getting over the first few hard days, focusing on studying, hobbies or even work can be beneficial. 

You probably caused someone to suffer too
Come on admit it! That weird guy/girl that you were avoiding all the time probably felt very bad. Just because a person seems to be "kind of weird" doesn't mean that they are not capable of experiencing passionate and romantic feelings. 

Time heals everything
Be patient, that being easier said than done. With time it will be a memory, a bitter one, but it will be your turn to give advice to help others that follow on the path of love. 

What do you think about Valentines day? Do you agree with the concept? How do you survive a breakup? What are some of your favourite sad love songs?



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